VIII International Flute Competition

“Severino Gazzelloni”

Pescara 27 – 31 October 2019



27th October 2019

Category C                         09.30 am           Eliminatory                                       

28th October 2019

Category B                         09.00 am           Eliminatory

Category Piccolo             03.00 pm          Eliminatory 

Category Piccolo rehearsal with piano 09.00 am  

29th October 2019

Category A                          09.00 am           Eliminatory 

Category B                          11.30 am            Semifinal

Category Piccolo              15.30 pm            Final

30th October 2019

Category A                               09.00 am           Semifinal 

Category C                                11.30 pm            Semifinal 

Category A                               06.00 pm          Final 

31th October 2019

Category B                                09.30 am           Final 

Category C                                  11.30 am           Final 

Award Concert                        06.00 pm             Concert – winners


Within 07/10/2019 the order of execution will be drawn and an indicative time of execution will be sent to each candidate by e-mail.

For the semifinal and the final the order will remain the same as the eliminatory. After each round will be provided the scheduling for the rehearsal with piano.
The Artistic Direction reserves the right to make changes this calendar.